Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall Migration

I just brought in my last hummingbird feeder yesterday, although I haven't seen any hummers since the first week of September, I thought there may be a few stragglers coming through.

The male hummingbirds leave in the first part of August. By late August, the majority of the females are gone. The "juvenile" hummingbirds are the last to leave.

By the end of May, I have my feeders up for the females who start to show up in our area come June. Every year we have nests in the pine trees behind the house and near the pond.

The females have 2 pea sized white eggs that hatch in 14 to 16 days. They are nearly full grown when they leave the nest in 21 days. Every year I watch to catch a glimpse of the new hummers in the's near impossible to tell which are the juveniles.

Every summer I like to stand still nearby where I usually have a feeder hanging and hold the feeder close to my takes only a few minutes for the hummingbirds to come for the sweet treat. Seeing them so close is just awesome!

I am feeling the loss of not seeing the hummingbirds whizzing around the porch and in the perennial garden at the feeders. The winter will drag on until they arrive again in the spring...they will quicken our hearts and catch the eye as no other birds can...

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