Saturday, October 10, 2009


Ring around the rosey,
a pocket full of posies,
ashes, ashes
we all fall down....

This echoed through my head as I swept leaves from my steps.

Fall .......... Down ..........

The days have grown shorter, the leaves whirling and twirling in the slightest breeze becoming part of natures dance.

Firey maples screaming to be noticed ... orange, reds, wild choke cherry glowing yellow through the density of the woods. In our yard some apples cling tight, as others shake loose to the ground below.

The days and nights have been very chilled, a quick reminder of what is soon to be.

Last Wednesday I spent hours in the garden gathering the last remaining peppers and tomatoes, as our first frost warnings were announced. I sat next to my herb garden stripping basil from their stocks filling a roaster, thinking to myself the whole time of all the wonderful pesto I'd be making.

The frost wiped out the weaker plants left in the garden, while adding sweetness to the kale and beets.

Tonight we fired up the outside wood burner. The clanking of the registers bring added chills to my spine, as I dread winter.

Seems only yesterday that I got sunburned and tonight another frost warning is upon us.

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