Thursday, August 20, 2009


in a childs dictionary
... to make different or
replace with another

in Webster's
... to undergo transformation
... to give up one thing for another

As a child, I was oblivious to changes as my days were filled with hugs and play time...surrounded by cousins, always outdoors playing, stretching our imaginations...
bouncing on long low branches for horses, cowboys and Indians, dressing barn cats in doll clothes, swinging on ropes in a hay mow, playing jacks - onesies, twosies, eating pepperoni swinging on a back porch swing, running through summers name a few.

My dad was a coal miner at Robena Mines his whole life, as his father and grandfather before him. There had been a gas explosion at the mine when I was 8. Within months, mid winter, we were packing up for a move. My dads only sister had convinced him to move south..Florida..leaving nearly all our treasures behind. I think dads thoughts were if it didn't fit in the Uhaul, you didn't need it.

Little did I know my life was soon to change...drastically..from a rural farming community to sand and sidewalks.

Through the years I have learned to adapt to change. I don't think change is ever easy.

A few weeks ago the neighboring farm across the road sold. The auction for household miscellaneous and farm machinery brought many. Whether to purchase canning shelves to weathered paned windows, tractors and antique machinery.

Walking through the farm one last time brought much sadness to my heart, as change was soon to be. Within weeks the new owner has divided the 68.5 acres from 5 acre to 20 acre lots. This is not a change I want to adapt to....but know I must.

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