Monday, August 17, 2009

Notes from the garden

94 degrees.

Afternoon harvest, heirlooms doing well in the heat. First time 'Russian Purple' are exploding in size - their flesh sweet and juicy.

'Juliet's', I am favoring over the common 'Cherry Tomato' or 'Grape Tomato' in flavor and size.

My beans are struggling this year... different from years past. High production with first picking, they're giving into the heat. Shaena and I strung some of the biggest beans onto strings to dry, hoping to save them for later in the year.

Most surrounding gardens were stricken with an air blight. My pickles and English cucumbers are starting to show signs today. Hoping the nearby Amish will have small pickling cucumbers for me to purchase. I need to do a run today to the Amish in hopes of finding onions and more peppers for zucchini relish tonight.

Heat or no heat, canning time is now.


  1. I have not seen beans hanging to dry before, tell me how you will use them later? I love the look of beans hanging. Very comforting. Jan

  2. My beans this year were long and dry inside due to lack of rain. After researching online, stringing and drying beans dated way back to the south. It was referred to as "making leather britches", as the back porch was used to hang pants to dry, so comes the name. When the beans dry they wither and resemble leather.

    It has been interesting watching them change from green to a shivering yellow. The process takes many weeks, each week brings change.
    When you said "very comforting", I hadn't thought of it that way, but they do bring a peacefullness in the room. Thank you.

    I plan to use them in soups, salads and any dish a dried lentil is used.