Wednesday, February 1, 2012

F o R t Y y E a R s

Saying 40 years out loud sounds like forever.

It has been 40 years that I was in high school. Through the years by chance I might of run into an occasional classmate, a quick hello, how are you... a quick catch up. Then days would continue as usual, routines come and go.

This year was my fortieth class reunion. Felt like such a milestone! We started out our week with girlfriends coming in from out of state. Gathering for some good doses of laughter as we reminisced with our yearbooks from days gone by. Hopping from one house for breakfast, back for lunch, another house for dinner. P.J. parties. Never too old!

The weekend before we attended an all alumni. The youngest gal there was class of 1938. What was expected a measly crowd of 600 to 700 ended with nearly 3000 Berea High School alumni. Though a few streets were closed off for the event, did they not realize the whole neighborhood were alumni. We all look forward to attending again this year. Good music, good food, good times.

The night before we gathered at a local pub for snacks and catching up with old buddies from days gone by. Just over 90 wandered in. The following eve was the biggie. Over 140 plus showed this year from as far away as Hawaii. Totally awesome.

I have since reconnected with nearly a dozen old classmates. We meet up every few weeks for lunch or dinner. We want to keep it going, a few add on each time. Such fun!

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  1. Try a Rabbit or shouldn't have to work so hard for a glass of wine!