Wednesday, February 8, 2012

you can do it...

journal entry: 2011

I transferred all my plants from the inside grow lights to my little portable greenhouse outside. It was a tough go for several weeks, as when I started my seeds I was at the end of my seed starting soil from a local greenhouse. Being March when I began I was unaware that I could of just called and they would of gladly sold me the soil I needed. Instead I picked up a random bag at a nearby store. How careless of me. I nurtured my heirloom seeds for so many years, and chose a random soil to start their journey in this time?

I had 18 varieties of heirloom tomatoes and 12 heirloom varieties of peppers...several varieties of basil, fennell, cabbage, cilantro, stevia, parsley, borage... they struggled to grow, with transplanting it was total shock to their already tender roots.

I called finally first part of June for my favorite soil mix from Hoffman's Greenhouse. Instead of adding more shock I just mounded the perfect mix around the tops of the pots, so the nutrients could soak into the soil with each watering. I had gotten restless and impatient, so out of character for me, and had pulled quite a few of both tomatoes and pepper plants out as they looked like they were dying off...leaves were turning limp and color change..they just needed more time.

Each time I'd walk by my little house of struggling plants, I'd say "you can do it...".. soon, with the warmth of the sun smiling down on and embracing all my greens, they started growing all over inside the greenhouse..up into the eve, hanging out reaching for the sun rays..soon it looked like a little jungle in there.

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